Saturday, March 12, 2011


Tonight was incredible. As in, I-just-sang-in-the-same-concert-as-Darren-Criss,-Idina-Menzel,-and-the-Whiffenpoofs incredible. 

First the Whiffenpoofs. Singing with them was a HUGE honor. And they’re all so talented and sweet! Just talking to them was awesome, forget about singing with them on stage. Ridiculous. I am now completely set on joining an a cappella group in college, JUST so that I can be a fraction as awesome as they are.

Then there was Idina. Although we weren’t able to talk to her, she DID sing Funny Girl, Don’t Rain On My Parade, and Defying Gravity. My friend and I were almost in tears backstage. It was incredible.

And then there was the highlight of my night… Darren Criss. The entire thing was very structured, but there was a point where he came into the dressing room where the choirs were waiting to take pictures with us and talk a little bit. I kid you not, he HOPPED over to take pictures with us. Like a bunny. It was ADORABLE. Then during sound check we heard him singing Not Alone and Don’t You (which I was absolutely thrilled to hear him play). It was absolutely surreal. 

I just don’t even know what to say. I think that it’s nights like these that I think about why I love doing this so much. Idina Menzel is basically the reason that I started singing - my parents brought home the Wicked soundtrack, and I basically vowed to myself to be just like Idina some day, so to hear her singing Defying Gravity was absolutely magical. On top of that, Darren Criss is pretty much my hero. I am constantly inspired by him, especially looking at everything that he has done over the past year. Watching him has been a constant motivation for me as an aspiring musician, and to have had the privilege to be in the same show as him is… unbelievable. And Idina! And the Whiffenpoofs! My full name is on the program with their names!! WHAT IS THAT?!

I’m sort of too exhausted to formulate any kind of intelligent breakdown of tonight, but suffice it to say that it was amazing.


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